Gary Streeter is MP for South West Devon

What has Gary Streeter been up to today?

Gary Streeter is MP for South West Devon and a member of the Conservative party.

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Ever heard of The Great Get Together?

Created by The Jo Cox Foundation, it takes place on the 24th-26th of June to celebrate the things that unite us.

We have loads of great tasks and events happening in GoodGym areas.

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Delighted to welcome hard working local champions to Westminster today. Thank you Ian and Liz for all you do for so many in SWDevon

🙌 A huge thank you to everyone who visited us at Westminster to hear how we plan to cut serious collisions to zero 👍
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On the left - Cpl Peter Robinson advancing on Stanley 40 years ago today. Today he was in Plymouth celebrating liberation day.

Privilege to spend so much time with these heroes today - Op Corporate seemed to have more in common with WW2/Korea than Afghanistan.

Treasure them🇬🇧

Great to learn today about our police force plans to reduce death and injury on our roads by cracking down on reckless driving. @VisionZeroSW

Great to learn more today about our police plan to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries in our region by cracking down on reckless driving

If we want our country to succeed, we need to do what we’ve always done and embrace new technologies, and the people and culture that creates them.

Read my full speech from this morning's opening @LDNTechWeek here:

Great to hear the Plymouth Military Wives choir at the Guildhall in aid of our much loved @StLukesPlymouth. Wonderful entertainment

Sir Gary Streeter visits Plymouth’s ICU to learn about difficulties faced by patients

The ICU team felt it was crucial for Gary to see the complex challenges our patients face, both whilst they are in ICU and also during their onward recovery journey.

Fantastic to be at the launch of the Plymouth Commission into violence against women and girls report this afternoon with Victoria Atkins, @garystreeterSWD @PlymouthRebecca @HannahFShead and many many others.

We want Plymouth to be the safest City for women and girls in the U.K

Delighted to be in Switzerland over the next few days. I'll be meeting with the Swiss government and industry to deepen ties and facilitate greater trade of financial services and goods between our countries - boosting growth and supporting jobs.

In February I submitted a letter of no confidence in the PM following the first Gray report. I have not changed my mind. Accordingly, I have just voted for change.

Have had honour & privilege to be in presence of HM The Queen on a number of occasions in #Wales #Canada and #Parliament

Hers has been a reign of true dedication, service and devotion to the UK and the Commonwealth.

Congratulations and thank you, Your Majesty! #PlatinumJubilee

It’s only been a month since Plymouth City Council moved to Conservative overall control under Richard Bingley, and stuff is happening.
👉Help with the cost of living nightmare;
👉conversations on the airport;
👉new health and wellbeing hubs and
👉attracting higher paid jobs

Want to vote in the 1st heat of our “best Plantagenet King” tournament? Check out my recent tweets in the next 23 hrs.

If you’re wondering where Henry IV&V are, they’ve been put straight through to round 2 to make the heats work. It’s randomly generated. Not Lancastrian bias 😃

If you’re a bloke in Plymouth I want you to watch this this weekend. The council have reflected on some horrendous crimes against women over the last 8 months.

Overwhelmingly, it’s a men thing. We need to talk about, and be more aware of our behaviours

The @resfoundation says yesterday’s measures announced by the Chancellor have offset 82 per cent of the rise in energy bills, rising to 93 per cent for households in the bottom three income deciles. They note that it’s not just energy bills going up, but that’s still a big chunk.

Huge congratulations to Helen Hurford who has been selected as the @Conservatives candidate for the #TivertonHoniton byelection!

Born in T&H, raised there, taught as a Headteacher there and now runs a small business in the area- she will be a strong local voice.

Cash remains vital for millions of people in the 🇬🇧 & it must be protected for those who rely on it

In 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 this morning I announced new powers for @TheFCA to ensure big banks continue to provide access to cash within a reasonable distance - helping to level up across the country.

Congratulations to Finland and Sweden on their decision to apply for membership of @NATO.

🇫🇮 🇸🇪 will bolster our collective security following Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine. 🇬🇧 will work to integrate them quickly.

Jens Stoltenberg @jensstoltenberg

Honoured to receive the applications for #Finland's & #Sweden's membership in #NATO. This is a good day at a critical time for our security. Your applications are an historic step.

The PM has this morning stated that the bill to introduce fairness in dealing with the legacy of the past that will protect veterans from vexatious prosecutions will be introduced this week. A seismic moment as we move from promises to delivery. You can achieve things in politics

Financial services is the engine of the UK economy, supporting jobs, growth & prosperity across all our nations and regions.
Yesterday’s Queen’s Speech confirmed that we will deliver a landmark Financial Services and Markets Bill in this new session.
A thread 🧵

1 in 100 people have coeliac disease. It's not faddy eating. It's not a lifestyle choice. One crumb really does matter. It's an autoimmune condition. #ShineALightOnCoeliac #Coeliacdisease

@Rentplus_UK delivers true #LevellingUp for the renters we help become homeowners. They tell us we’ve changed their lives for the better and that’s a great thing to hear. #makingadifference #affordablehousing #affordablerrenttobuy

Queen's Speech tomorrow should see the outline the anticipated Levelling Up + Regeneration Bill.

We think that giving working people the chance to own their own home by removing the deposit barrier is true Levelling Up. That’s what @Rentplus_UK does.

#queensspeech #levellingup

Ignore Putin’s threats and expand Nato now. Instant membership for Sweden and Finland and raising defence spending targets would reinvigorate the alliance. Read my latest @thetimes column here:

The old adage: “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for” inspired @andyflannagan to write a new song for @thykingdom_come. Here's why he thinks the Church should not be a 'safe space' for Christians:

We are so excited to announce the release of a brand new song, complete with a stunning animation - ‘Not Made for the Harbour’ by @andyflannagan - in partnership with @liccltd, for this year’s #ThyKingdomCome.

#Rentplus_UK provides needed affordable housing to those who cannot access #homeownership due to the deposit barrier.

We do this by partnering with #localcouncils and housing associations. Reducing #housing lists without LAs drawing on grants or #government funding.

The City Council work with the Nancy Astor Scholarship Trust each year to provide support to young people engaged in the study of early childhood education and care. I was so pleased to present the awards to the recipients last night #education #nancyastor #YoungPeople

Excellent discussion in Germany with my counterpart Dr Carsten Pillath.

We discussed how 🇬🇧 and 🇩🇪 can enhance regulatory cooperation in financial services – and how we stand ready to inflict further economic pain on the Putin regime for its barbaric invasion of Ukraine.

We want to see our affordable #RenttoBuy #homes on every new #housing development across the country. 🏡💙

#Rentplus_UK is opening up the opportunity of #homeownership to millions of hard working people on lower/middle incomes + helping create diverse, stable communities.

Happy Easter from all of us at Christians in Parliament! Watch our Easter video from last year below #ARenewedHope #HappyEaster

Happy Easter! As a Christian, it is important to me to celebrate the miracle of Christ’s resurrection. I wish everyone a very peaceful and blessed Easter Sunday.

Putin and Zelenskyy agree on very little but both single out Britain as most supportive of Ukraine. And the person most deserving of credit for that? Definitely @BWallaceMP. An absolutely outstanding Defence Secretary

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