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Edward Leigh is MP for Gainsborough and a member of the Conservative party.

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Trade remedies are fine as a temporary measure to combat dumping and unfair subsidies but the long-term solution is to reduce energy costs for the British steel industry.

Ultimately, world free trade is the best engine of prosperity.

Freedom of Religion or Belief is one of the most fundamental, but still faces challenges from Pakistan to Nigeria and many places in between. #FoRB https://youtu.be/tlJYPnhR7Ns

If Labour are serious about backing the Union they need to have discussions with the DUP about getting power sharing up and running again.

Ian Paisley clarifies that Labour haven't talked with them.

Food security is an even more pressing concern following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ministers must prevent good productive land from being taken out of agricultural use for solar farms or other purposes.

I spoke in Strasbourg today on how the Jewish community in Great Britain is a model of integration: they have maintained their religion and their cultural identity while being completely loyal and contributing to every level of our society.

I went on @BBCRadio4's Week in Westminster this Friday to talk about securing our borders. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0018fzk

The European Court of Human Rights should focus on its core role of fighting egregious human rights abuses, not undermining legitimate areas of democratic debate.

600,000 rural homes have been hooked up to gigabit-capable high-speed broadband thanks to Government support.

Some places like Holton le Moor are still waiting though. We need to get them connected now. http://edwardleigh.org.uk/news/high-speed-broadband-holton-le-moor

Students who defend the rights of the unborn must be allowed to voice their views at universities.

@Prolifestudents have witnessed events cancelled by those who want to shut down debate about the most defenceless and vulnerable people in our society.

The Government's food strategy must boost arable production for to secure our supply chain.

We certainly shouldn't be taking 7,000 acres of good land around Gainsborough out of agricultural use — as would happen if the solar farm is approved.

The Queen's life of service is a great blessing to us all and the foundation of her devotion is her faith: Her Majesty has never been afraid to mention God. https://www.edwardleigh.org.uk/news/queens-life-service-great-blessing

Honoured to attend the civic service for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee at Lincoln Cathedral this weekend.

Grateful to Her Majesty for her seventy years of service.

We debated large solar farms in Parliament today. Local people should lead on planning decisions and mitigation is also possible.

Importantly: large solar farms shouldn't take good land out of agricultural use. E.g. wheat supplies in the Middle East are particularly precarious.

Yesterday I congratulated the Government on its plans to welcome Ukrainian refugees to the UK.

My statement here: https://www.edwardleigh.org.uk/news/sir-edward-welcomes-government-support-ukrainian-refugees

Big companies propose to take good Lincolnshire land out of agricultural use to create massive solar farms.

Local people should be able to render the final decision on this, not mandarins in Whitehall. https://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk/news/local-news/lincolnshire-mp-says-councils-no-6707875

I wrote about scrapping the R&R Sponsor Body I serve on for @TheHouseMag.

Every challenge was answered with the most expensive and invasive solution possible rather than the creative problem-solving a project this complicated requires.

#WestminsterRR https://www.politicshome.com/thehouse/article/we-could-not-abandon-parliament-for-decades-restoration-and-renewal-must-proceed-at-a-sensible-pace

We must focus on restoring peace and securing democracy in Ukraine so those who've fled in fear can return home safely soon.

As Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia have opened their borders, the Government is right to be proportionate in its response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Russia must be expelled from the Council of Europe @coe so there is no place for gangsters in the halls of civilised nations.

We have never tried to make Ukraine a vassal state and to think otherwise is to give in to the eternal victim mentality of Russian nationalists.

The Government is right to pursue strong sanctions and punish Russian aggression with financial and economic isolation.

Our prayers are with the people of Ukraine suffering this totally unprovoked and unjustified aggression.

Our government must be vigorous in the practical assistance we give to the government of Ukraine.

I share the concerns many of my constituents have about good Lincolnshire farmland being taken out of agricultural production and turned into solar farms.

The NSIP planning process doesn't give local people enough of a say in determining these applications.

Experts will argue for years whether we've made the right choices, but if it weren't for this Prime Minister's freedom-loving instincts these lockdowns would have been much worse — with incalculable consequences for the young and for people's mental health.

Glad to see others joining my call to help cut NHS waiting times through tax relief for private healthcare.

Labour needs to put its unionism into practice and assure us that if the Government acts unilaterally in the national interest over the Northern Ireland protocol it will have the Opposition's support.

We need to look at all options to reduce waiting times in the NHS. Giving tax relief to those who go private would lessen waiting times.

Delighted to see things looking up for our Lincolnshire hospitals. Especially glad to see young people have 24-hour access to mental health support.

Well done to everyone at @ULHT_News and our @LincsNHS.

CQC findings here: https://www.cqc.org.uk/news/releases/cqc-finds-widespread-improvement-united-lincolnshire-hospitals-nhs-trust

It is well known that Middle Eastern Christians cannot access UN camps due to threats and violence from other refugees.

I've highlighted this with Gov't and @UNHCRUK but sad to see UK is still discriminating against persecuted Christian refugees. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/11846651/Lord-Carey-Britain-has-a-duty-to-rescue-Syrias-Christians.html

With Mick Kilburn of Elite Pest Management in Gainsborough. Government is helping the industry with new licensing regimes.

Lincs County Council planted these trees and are now refusing to pollard them.

If they plant them, they need to keep records and keep them in good order. Trees are growing out of control and blocking people's light.

I’m in Kexby Lane and I’ve been talking to local residents about the massive solar park of 1,200 acres in the works.

This proposal needs revising down and must include some significant community gain.

I welcome Parliament taking back control over restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster.

The figures for the delay, length, and cost of decant are truly horrendous. We need to get on with work now. #WestminsterRR

The House of Commons Commission is right to worry about ongoing high running costs & lengthy scheduling of the Palace of Westminster restoration programme.

I welcome the Commission's proposal for a slimmer, more accountable structure: https://committees.parliament.uk/publications/8750/documents/88648/default/


I'm grateful for the £10 million in Levelling Up funds for Gainsborough. Our South West ward is the 24th most deprived in the country.

But the prosperity of northern towns my friend @michaelgove must revive was built by entrepreneurs when taxes were lower and regulation lighter.

I went on The Week in Westminster with Dame Margaret Beckett, which you can listen to here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0013zc9

32,000 bales of straw on fire at Hemswell Cliff. Many thanks to the local firefighters and emergency services. Must make sure the local public are kept informed.

My speech in yesterday's debate on #skinconditions and #mentalhealth: https://youtu.be/jJrrVG2alhE

My thanks to all the MPs who took part and to @GillianKeegan for responding on behalf of the Government.

A series of votes means my debate on skin conditions and mental health won't start until 5:00 pm (instead of 4:30).

You will be able to watch it live here: https://parliamentlive.tv/Commons

When Europe stands on the brink of war and with a cost of living crisis, can we please have a sense of proportion over the Prime Minister being given a piece of cake in his own office by his own staff.

Maira Shahbaz is still living in hiding. She was kidnapped, forcibly married, raped, escaped, and now lives in fear.

We need to press Pakistan to ensure its girls and minorities do no face persecution, violence, and intimidation.

#MairaShahbaz #PersecutedChristians

I was on @BBCAnyQuestions on Friday alongside Louis de Bernières, @LaylaMoran, and @LadyBasildon.

Click below to listen in. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0013jc9

But for this Prime Minister we would have had far more severe lockdowns and worse restrictions.

I welcome today's announcement that many of these restrictions will go soon.

To paraphrase Leo Amery, "For God's sake, keep going!"

Many people with #skinconditions find their woes compounded by mental health issues resulting from their problems.

Next Tuesday I've secured a parliamentary debate on the NHS, skin conditions, and mental health.

#dermatology @DermCouncil @BSFcharity @HealthySkin4All

What's the point of appointing an admiral to oversee Border Force's cross-Channel taxi service?

We should be deploying pushback to put the human traffickers and people smugglers out of business permanently.

We've made immense progress in Lincolnshire but there are still some residences that don't yet have access to high-speed broadband.

I'm open minded on updating the BBC's funding model, but we must remember not everyone has access to good streaming.

Today on the House of Commons we debated Russia's grand strategy — appropriate given that tomorrow is Orthodox Christmas. https://youtu.be/G02CDLfzrdg

Let's be honest: we're not really prepared to lose a single British soldier dying in a war to defend Ukraine.

We should be frank with everyone and just admit that Ukraine will never be a NATO member state.

Local NHS officials tell us that of all Lincolnshire's intensive care beds only two were taken by people because of or with Covid.

Mandatory self-isolation has forced staff absences that are having a severe effect. We need a way forward.

The Prime Minister confirmed to me just now there will be no relaxation in visa rules in exchange for free trade deals.

We need a stronger approach to our borders.

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