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What has Desmond Swayne been up to today?

Desmond Swayne is MP for New Forest West and a member of the Conservative party.

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👏 Thanks you @michelledonelan and @nadhimzahawi for standing up to Advance HE and protecting academic freedom.

This comes further to the letter I wrote with my Common Sense group colleagues, which you can read here with the minister's letter: #FreeSpeech

During #ArmedForcesWeek we have spoken with #veterans about their experiences of #homelessness and specialist support.

Please watch our short film where veterans highlight the significance and perilous future of veteran-specific supported accommodation.

The Department of Health is advertising for a 'Deputy Director, Delivery Lead - Covid Pass.' I think Sajid was taken by surprise when I asked for an explanation…

Gadzooks! Eric Clapton has always been one of my heroes. Gobsmacked to discover in The Times to-day that I am now one of his. Yipee @EricClapton

Studies like these (based on models) ignore what is now well-established i.e. key role of voluntary behaviour change in controlling Covid - with behaviour changing more in response to the level/fear of Covid ('voluntary lockdown') than govt. mandates

Margaret Thatcher would’ve been great to have around for Covid. She would have hoovered up her red boxes to know the info she needed to:

👉 challenge the modelling

👉 ask the right questions

👉 avoid being being bounced into decisions by advisers/ministers with narrow agendas


Boris Johnson compares himself to Margaret Thatcher: 'She would have dealt with Covid in same way'

Last night I voted against the introduction of vaccine passports. There was an error in the voting lists and I was originally down as having abstained. This has since been corrected to reflect my 'no' vote.

Some of today's headlines/commentary re. new variant are really not helping people's (already fragile) mental health)
Of course we should take it seriously but there is no plausible scenario that this variant is going to take us back to square one (ie. the situation pre-vaccines)

The Minister wouldn't comment on the heavy costs of implementing Covid Winter Plan B...but at least he ruled it out

Why such silence on the significant reduction in infections? and hospital admissions are still lower than they were a month ago: yet all these demands to shut the country down again; little wonder some people write to me about a conspiracy!

Yesterday I asked the SNP spokesman about the effectiveness of his mask. He replied saying that its main purpose was to 'send a signal'
Today I asked the Vaccines Minister about hers
At least I tried to get a vote against the renewal of the Coronavirus Act
The real villain however, remains the Public Health Act 1984

@UniMusicBmth are performing for the first time in nearly two years on Saturday 16 October at Christchurch Priory. This is set to be a wonderful evening. For more details

This afternoon I asked the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health and Social Care whether the ‘super-spreader’ event was the spread of illiberal, discriminatory, and coercive policies from his despatch box.

#Lockdown restrictions made it much harder for us to get out and about. As a result, many of us are feeling less active and confident than before. 🚶‍♂️🧘

Whether you're struggling to walk as far or feel a little less steady on your feet, we're here to help:

The @Tesco Food Collection starts today!

From 15-17 July, head to a Tesco near you and donate to help FareShare feed families this summer. We're looking for cupboard staples like rice, tinned fruit & veg, and more listed in the image below #EveryCanHelps 🥫

🚨 Nearly 50 Conservative MPs back our campaign to put #ChildrenFirst and get schools back to normal.

Shows the strength of feeling on this!

We’ll be publishing the names of all the MPs who support us below. Show your support & retweet each one! 🙏

Re Mr Hancock, a thought: Covid regulations have created a dystopian world of denunciation, finger-wagging & hypocrisy. Let us be freed from this tyranny of diktat and arbitrary rule. As we shall inevitably see with this sad example, the revolution always consumes its own.

If you’re an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen or their family member living in the UK (resident in the UK by 31 December 2020), you have less than 10 days to apply to the EU #SettlementScheme. Apply today at:

By any measure the emergency has passed and yet freedoms are still withheld.

The Government will not allow us to assess for ourselves the risks that we are prepared to encounter in our everyday lives. The Government does not trust the people that it governs.

We have a rapid rollout of effective vaccines and are heading into summer. If, even at this point, the Govt won’t release restrictions, this points to restrictions in the autumn and winter, when respiratory diseases increase and the NHS is always under more pressure…1/8

The statements being heard by MPs today serve as further reminders of some basic behavioural biases, particularly situational blindness and group think (@SteveBakerHW @iandunt @PippaCrerar @lewis_goodall @sarahknapton @JohnRentoul @paulwaugh)

Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne: "Zero Covid means zero social contact. It means zero economy. You cannot deliver zero Covid."

@JuliaHB1 | @DesmondSwayne

I can hardly believe this is happening in Britain surely the police could handle this differently? @metpoliceuk @ArkadyRzegocki

Tyranny is a habit and we haven’t quite kicked it.

By any measure the emergency is over & the vaccination campaign is the guarantee against its return. Yet the Government seeks to retain powers to control aspects of our lives and implement a punishment regime for disobedience.

Perhaps the disgraceful scenes in Clapham will be the spark to ignite a rather more robust response in defence of our liberties....There are even signs that politicians in our hitherto supine Parliament, are waking up to the monster that we have created.

Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne: Lockdown "has been a staggering failure," and to suggest we do it again is "a form of extraordinary madness."

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@JuliaHB1 | @DesmondSwayne

To protect the jobs and livelihoods of the British people through the remaining phase of this crisis, the furlough scheme will be extended until the end of September. #Budget2021

Congratulations to The NHS, all our clinicians and volunteers: as of to-day 46% of residents in the New Forest West parliamentary constituency have already had their first Covid vaccination - which is the 4th highest amongst all parliamentary constituencies

Taken from our @Unlocked_UK_ exclusive interview with
Sir @DesmondSwayne MP 🔓

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