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David Davis is MP for Haltemprice and Howden and a member of the Conservative party.

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"Russian generals... are guilty of war crimes and they must, in my view, be identified and brought to justice."

Episode 7 of The Week in Review covers war crimes in Ukraine and much more. Tune in below👇


My live appearance on @mattforde's 'The Political Party' podcast has now been released. We talked about how I became a Brexiteer, what the future holds for the Tory Party and much else besides.

Listen here: https://shows.acast.com/the-political-party/episodes/show-280-david-davis-live

The A63 underpass at Melton in my constituency sadly experiences graffiti, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

That must change.

I am therefore supporting a bid for funds to install CCTV in the underpass. It's a sensible scheme that I hope succeeds.

Great to speak to colleagues and industry leaders at the Carbon Capture & Storage Association event in Parliament today.

Here I am with @david_duguid, MP for Banff and Buchan, and a representative of @StoreggaEarth, a top carbon infrastructure firm.

A change in leadership and culture is needed.

We should explore bringing in a Commissioner from outside of the police service or from abroad.


I had lots of fun last night at the Duchess Theatre as a guest for @mattforde's live show, 'The Political Party'.

We discussed my time as Brexit Secretary, Boris Johnson's leadership and much more.

Podcast out soon!

I went to watch the ‘Amersi v Leslie and another’ case at The Royal Courts of Justice yesterday. For my views on this subject, click here: https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2022-01-20/debates/4F7649B7-2085-4B51-9E8C-32992CFF7726/LawfareAndUKCourtSystem

We need a complete change of mindset in the Government if we are to tackle the coming stagflation crisis.

My piece in the Telegraph👇

In the latest episode of "The Week in Review", we discuss rail strikes, the cost of living crisis, artificial intelligence and space exploration.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs0MDOLbeF4

Follow my new Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/daviddavis_mp/

Today I visited Spire Hospital in Anlaby. I learned about the vital role it played in the fight against the pandemic, in support of the local NHS.

It was a pleasure to meet all the hard-working staff and to see Spire's resources, including the amazing compression chamber.

How do we bring these crippling strikes to an end? Find out in episode 6 of The Week in Review 👇


It was great to attend the East Riding Young Farmers Club rally day recently at Humberdale Farm in North Ferriby.

The club provides a fantastic opportunity for local young people to develop new skills and get to know the community.

The Government has announced its new Bill of Rights Bill. If we are to reform human rights in the UK, we must do so with care.👇

It was great to take part in a charity walk over the Humber Bridge at the weekend in support of sufferers of SYNGAP1, a rare genetic condition. As you can see, I ended up being upstaged by a banana!

This is a deeply unwise proposal.

There are millions of people up and down the country who either lack the necessary internet connection to buy tickets online, or are uncomfortable doing so.


I had a friend who had some pretty fierce chemotherapy for his prostate, and died anyway.

The NHS should move as a matter of urgency to more tailored treatment using hormone therapy where possible.

We cannot let Britain enter a period of stagflation.

There are in fact plenty of Conservative solutions to the problems we face.

But we must move fast, to coin a Churchillian quote, it’s time for “action this day”.

My piece in The Telegraph 👇

I have recently launched an Instagram account.

If you would like to know more about some of my interests, learn about my constituency or simply keep up with my latest news, follow me here:

In the latest episode of 'The Week in Review', I talk about:

- Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol
- How to solve the housing crisis
- Big Tech

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0snvbgC2uM&t=39s

Sadly I do not believe Mr Assange will get a fair trial. This extradition treaty needs to be rewritten to give British and American citizens identical rights, unlike now.

"The EU who, to be frank, have been quite hard-nosed, not to say pig headed…"

Tune in to episode five of 'The Week in Review' for my take on the Government's Northern Ireland Protocol Bill and more besides. 👇


Finally, Kevin Foster has responded to my letters raising concerns about the use of Thwaite Hall to house asylum seekers.

Sadly it's not the news we wanted.

The task now is to make this work. Not just for the asylum seekers, but also for the community at large.

I've been having some checks on one of my eyes lately and it took me back to one of my first campaigns in Parliament and one of my first arguments with Mrs Thatcher.

Find out more in the latest episode of 'The Week in Review.' 👇https://youtu.be/yhGI5XfYI0I?t=377

"We need to be in step with our international partners & should look to ban invasive & oppressive technology from these firms ANYWHERE in our nation"

@DavidDavisMP on our report into Chinese state-funded CCTV companies #Hikvision & #Dahua


It's been a dramatic week in Westminster to say the least.

Here's my take on *that* vote and much more 👇


This is fantastic news for both the local area and the entire country.

It will help us to capitalise on the UK's position as a world leader in Life Sciences and bring more high quality jobs to the Yorkshire area.


'Of itself, it's not a bad policy, in fact, it was first announced ironically by me in 2002, so it's not exactly brand new'

David Davis MP discusses Boris Johnson and the plan to extend 'right to buy' to housing association tenants.

🖥 GB News on YouTube https://bit.ly/3vAYaw0

'The Prime Minister has to be able to do his job and not spend his whole summer looking over his shoulder.'

David Davis MP discusses Monday's confidence vote and his prediction of a 'death by a thousand cuts' for Boris Johnson's premiership.

A few weeks ago I ordered some equipment from Portugal.

Since I had to deal with a regulatory form and paying VAT prior to delivery I was curious as to any Brexit effect.

In practice the form and the duty took just two days, and it could have been quicker.

I know what Katharine Birbalsingh is driving at - that we should value every improvement in a person's position as an indicator of social mobility.


Great to attend @BigBrotherWatch's excellent event about the use of Chinese surveillance cameras in the UK.

I encourage everyone to read “Who’s Watching You? The dominance of Chinese state-owned CCTV in the UK”: https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/campaigns/ban-hikvision/#REPORT

The next few months are critical for Boris. It's vital he acts to stop overtaxing the British people by 10s of billions. If we go into the stagflation crisis with low growth there will be no options left to deliver a decent choice for the British people.


I see the @DEAcampaign are carrying my clip outlining the issues with the US-UK Extradition Treaty.

We should be renegotiating this treaty as a matter of urgency.

If we do not, this unbalanced and unfair treaty will simply lead to further injustice.


Brilliant appointment of Sir Christopher Bellamy, who has a first-class mind and a high level of independence. He will do very well as Justice Minister.

The National Security Bill is an important piece of legislation. But as I explained in the House of Commons yesterday, it risks giving too much power to the authorities. It needs to be amended to ensure that civil liberties are protected.

When times were tough during Covid, the government raised Universal Credit by £20 a week.

In the coming months, times will be even tougher for families up and down the UK.

The Government should respond to this by reinstating the uplift by the Autumn.

Parliament has been in recess for the last few days so the latest episode of ‘The Week in Review’ covers some topics I’m interested in like genome sequencing and cyber- security.

Tune in below 👇🏻

The government is taxing us far too much as prices soar. The Treasury has no plan for how to get us through the crisis.

Listen to my views about Rishi Sunak's policies on @afneil's podcast, The Backstory: https://www.tortoisemedia.com/audio/the-backstory-andrew-neil-episode-6-david-davis/

Thwaite Hall has now started accepting migrants.

Frankly, a mix of families at the site would have been preferable.

But the task now is to make this work. Not just for the asylum seekers, but also for the community at large.


This weekend I joined @afneil on his new podcast, The Backstory, to discuss the cost of living crisis and much more.

Tune in below 👇

In this week's episode of The Backstory from @tortoise, @DavidDavisMP tells me why he thinks Boris Johnson will be gone by the Autumn and what he thinks about Rishi Sunak's plans to ease the cost of living crisis.

Listen here: http://torto.se/37CKEhH

The Bank of England massively underestimated the threat of inflation. And it printed far too much money.

It’s time to ask whether the Bank’s independence is really serving the country’s best interests.

My article in the Sunday @Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/05/28/time-ask-bank-englands-independence-worth-maintaining/

The simple truth is that the Windfall Tax will put companies off investing.

The Treasury is already taking far too money much out of the economy. Adding extra taxes – especially sudden, off-the-cuff ones like this – is a very bad idea.

My thoughts on @BBCr4today this morning👇

The second episode of "The Week in Review with David Davis" is available here 👇 It's been another busy week!


"Ukrainians did a formidable job, they stopped tanks dead"

@DavidDavisMP addresses the #ChildrensParliament calling the reaction of the West at the start of the #Ukraine invasion "mostly pathetic"

Watch live here 👇 https://www.facebook.com/DailyExpress/videos/541480817556689

I welcome the plans from @RishiSunak to support those who are suffering most in this #CostOfLivingCrisis.

But I do have concerns, particularly that the 'Windfall Levy' may backfire in its effect on growth, and that we're still taking too much tax from the ordinary citizen 👇

A windfall tax is unnecessary & unwise. Businesses would no longer trust the Government not to impose arbitrary taxes, deterring investment and hurting growth. We already have the money to alleviate the pressure on families.

My article in the Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2022/05/22/windfall-taxes-fundamentally-anti-conservative/

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