Bernard Jenkin is MP for Harwich and North Essex

What has Bernard Jenkin been up to today?

Bernard Jenkin is MP for Harwich and North Essex and a member of the Conservative party.

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As a member of the Privileges Committee which will consider the case of Boris Johnson, I will be making no public comment on how i will vote on any confidence vote in the Conservative Leadership.

I enjoyed having a kick about at @Brightlingseafc last weekend. They are running a fantastic walking football programme with the help of funding from @PitchingIn_. Contact the club to get involved.

CC Louise MacKinlay Dep Leader of ⁦@Essex_CC⁩ launches #LevellingUp in Harwich. A day of new hope for the whole area.

30% of the earth’s carbon is stored in #grassland carbon sinks, this makes them every bit as important as trees in the fight against #globalwarming and the more #meadowflowers the better! One of the things I learnt at @Jordans_Farm #rewilding project last Friday.

I cannot imagine circs when Ireland would be nuked and the UK would not retaliate! Perhaps RoI will now see advantages and solidarity in @NATO membership?
Taoiseach condemns ‘sinister’ Russian TV report showing nuclear attack on Ireland

Prehistoric women were hunters and artists as well as mothers, book reveals. This is why I referred to “the re-empowerment of women” in my speech in ⁦@HouseofCommons⁩ in debate on International Women’s Day ⁦@Women_on_IWD⁩ ⁦@Conservatives⁩

I am grateful for all the media bids to discuss the role of the @HouseofCommons Committee of Privileges, but none of the members of the Committee will wish to comment in order that we maintain our impartiality.

Highly recommend ⁦@HarwichAnd⁩ Harwich Transportation,Railway and Shopping Museum opening for Easter. So much history and hard work gone into it. ⁦@bernardjenkin⁩

Attending the opening of #Harwich Station Museum today at 1145am. Thank you to all the volunteers that have made this possible! #UniqueHarwich

The important right to peaceful protest cannot extend to breaking the law & disrupting our everyday lives.

Great to see companies taking action to secure injunctions & working with local police forces to ensure people can keep their Easter travel plans.

Happy #FossilFriday all. Found this tooth within a piece of the Triassic bone bed at Aust (South Glous, UK) last weekend. It is from a 210 million year old fish called Severnichthys acuminatus.

Euro area inflation has surged to 7.5% and is near 10% in Spain and the Netherlands. So the ECB decides to print another 90 billion Euros by June to drive it higher! Why?

Outstanding analysis of how Whitehall fails to appraise ministers of emerging threats and opportunities. But also how ministers are perceived to lack “appetite” for strategic thinking. @RUSI_org @UKCivilService #UkraineWar

I am still getting thank yous for my ⁦@HouseofCommons⁩ speech on women’s rights and child protection against the ultra-trans agenda ⁦@Conservatives⁩ ⁦@ALLIANCELGB⁩

Great to spend time touring ⁦@Uni_of_Essex⁩ with Vice-Chancellor Anthony Forster, discussing achievements, challenges and opportunities.

Yes, I have Covid and will not be chairing @CommonsLiaison on Wednesday afternoon, which the PM @10DowningStreet will attend. The Ctee will appoint and acting chair to run the evidence session. Pse direct inquiries to relevant media officer.

Who disagrees and why?

Andrew Haldenby: Having run it for so long, the Conservatives need a much better grasp of the NHS | Conservative Home

Arminka Helic: BBC is weapon against Russian disinformation| “we should value the role BBC journalists fulfil in challenging propaganda through their fair and determined reporting…the part they can play in defending against Putin’s war on the truth.”

Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians for the crime of resistance, or who jail and poison their critics. #IStandWithUkraine

Very good news for local manufacturers like which makes specialist products of stainless steel for yachts and architecture based at Mistley Heath, Manningtree, Essex, CO11 2QH

Ted Yarbrough @TedYarbrough1

America is to ditch 25% tariffs on British steel in trade deal boost via @MailOnline

What is this scheme, and why is Complete Savings cash back scheme perfectly ethical for Railcard to direct people to sign up?... I see there are complaints about it...

Following my speech on woman’s safe spaces/ « a woman is an adult female human » etc. … Lots of fan mail like this! Note this « on the left » person now votes Conservative. @ALLIANCELGB @cwowomen @Baronessjenkin Great article by @Jeremy_Hunt @conservatives

My contribution to the Ukraine debate. We enjoyed 30 years of a peace dividend. The peace is over; the dividend is canceled. Watch the full speech on

Pleased to be in #Harwich with ⁦@bernardjenkin⁩ and Mayor ⁦@Ivan4Harwich⁩ raising funds for the Mayflower Legacy Fund. Look forward to a great concert with four young musicians.

Thanks person on Mumsnet for this comment. “When I was a student back in the 90s I lived in Bernard Jenkin’s constituency. I answered the door once when he was canvassing & gave him a flea in his ear.

If I answered the door to him now I’d give him tea and cake” @bernardjenkin

Here at the start of the Concert by Young Musicians in aid of the Harwich Mayflower Legacy Fund. #Harwich

Absolutely spot on about the inevitable consequences of believing that gender identities > sex (name redacted because the person writing has a private account).

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