Andrea Jenkyns is MP for Morley and Outwood

What has Andrea Jenkyns been up to today?

Andrea Jenkyns is MP for Morley and Outwood and a member of the Conservative party.

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Proud to have been with the inspirational Lissie Harper as #HarpersLaw came into force.

Her brave, dedicated campaign led to this landmark change to ensure what happened to Andrew never happens again, with life sentences for those who kill emergency workers in the line of duty.

It was fantastic to be able to welcome students from local Outwood Primary Academies to Parliament today & to be able to show them our beautiful & historic Parliament!


I’m terribly saddened to hear that Dame Deborah James has died. What an inspiration she was to so many.

The awareness she brought to bowel cancer and the research her campaigning has funded will be her enduring legacy.

Because of her, many many lives will be saved.

For the avoidance of doubt - again - I’m not bloody defecting.

To those anonymous colleagues spreading such rumours, my door is always open for a chat.

I pay tribute to the incredible contribution that our veterans & those currently serving in our Armed Forces make to this country, protecting our people day & night.

Including Commonwealth vets & Gurkhas who can now more easily settle here.

Have a brilliant #ArmedForcesDay! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

The 2 by-election results are awful for the Conservatives, but not surprising. My constituency was lost in a by-election to Labour during a serious strike and Government unpopularity - but I won it back in the General Election 2 years later.πŸ‘‡ 1/3

It was wonderful to join the School Parliament at Outwood Primary Academy Kirkhamgate school to gather signatures from parents for their 20 MPH speed limit petition. The pupils were real stars.@OGACADEMY

Mid term by-elections are frequently difficult for any Government. If we had followed the polls and by-elections we would have sacked Margaret Thatcher in 1981 and 1986. She went on to win majorities over 100 both times. Big lesson is division equals inevitable defeat.

Best of luck to @cllrnadeemahmed in tomorrow's #Wakefieldbyelection And thank you to over 120 Conservative MPs who came up to campaign so far. Fingers crossed 🀞 #VoteConservative

Our new Bill of Rights will replace Labour’s Human Rights Act to strengthen free speech, deport more foreign offenders, & prevent early release of dangerous prisoners. It will make us freer and our streets safer.

Read my @TheSun article ‡

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Our new UK Bill of Rights will better protect freedom of speech and end bogus human rights claims that waste court time and taxpayers money πŸ‘‡

This morning, I joined @OPA_KHG's School Parliament to collect more signatures on their 20's plenty petition! πŸš—

This petition, led by a group of fantastic road safety campaigners, will be handed to Wakefield Council later this month!

Petition Below:

Today #AcademyParliament continued their road safety campaign to create a 20mph zone outside school. Thank you to @andreajenkyns for supporting us in collecting more signatures to add to our online petition.

We are so proud to announce that Heidi in year 2 won the Andrea Jenkins card designing competition for the Queen's Jubilee - this has been made into a card and sent to the Queen! A huge well done!

Happy Fathers day to all the amazing Dads out there. And today remembering my own perfect Dad whose energy and positivity shaped my life. #HappyFathersDay

Pleased to sit down with @TheHouseMag to discuss our Troubles Legacy Bill. It is an incredibly sensitive, emotive and complex subject, but I wholeheartedly believe this Bill will help NI society reconcile, better support victims and survivors, while also protecting our veterans.

The House magazine @TheHouseMag

Brandon Lewis: Troubles legacy is the hardest thing I've faced in government

Great campaigning session hosted by @DehennaDavison with @Young_Tories for our excellent #Wakefieldbyelection candidate @cllrnadeemahmed

A great turn out with the Home Secretary. Big thanks to @pritipatel, @WalkerWorcester @JamesMorris, @MarkPawsey, @mark4dewsbury Miriam Cates, Ruth Edwards and @JackLopresti for campaigning in Wakefield today for @cllrnadeemahmed

Cost of Living Payment

Households will receive Β£650 if they are on means tested benefits, incl.

- #UniversalCredit
- #PensionCredit
- #TaxCredits

Payment will be automatic and in two instalments
- one in summer
- one in autumn

Check your eligibility

The Labour front bench want to take us back to the 1970's, where all powerful union bosses had the ability to bring the nation to its knees!

The impacts of these strikes will be felt across the Country, impacting students at exam time, & commuters getting to & from work!

Yes let's withdraw from European Court of Human Rights and stop their meddling in British law.
'PM refuses to rule out ECHR withdrawal over Rwanda plan'. via

As residents know, i've been leading my campaign to #SaveMorleysHeritageLighting & despite significant opposition from residents, and over 500 local people signing my petition, their concerns have been ignored by the Council!

At stake on June 23, in Wakefield, is the choice between a local candidate with an ambitious agenda to invest in the city, its future, & its people, or a Labour Party of hindsight, inaction, & a passing over of your priorities.

πŸ”½ Full article below πŸ”½

New: Tory MP Alexander Stafford writes to Parliamentary Commissioner Kathryn Stone over Sir Keir Starmer's alleged breaches of code of conduct

Calls on them to say why they haven't said who paid him tens of thousands of pounds for "legal advice given before 2020"...

The number of people on Universal Credit, in Morley & Outwood, has fallen by 1155 πŸ“‰ since 2021

In May, 2.6% of 16-64 year olds, in M&O, claimed Universal Credit, 1.4% lower than the national average.

This shows that investors have faith in our growing local economy πŸ“ˆ

Great to be on the doorstep campaigning with Deputy PM @DominicRaab, @BBradley_Mans @HuddlestonNigel @drlukeevans @gaganmohindra @JackLopresti @willquince @mark4dewsbury @Stuart4WolvesSW for the #wakefieldbyelection for our local candidate @cllrnadeemahmed.

Good article on what a fight our PM and Brexiteers still have ahead with the Remain eatablishment. We cannot let them win.

Great to be out campaigning with MPs, @HeatherWheeler, @John2Win @NickFletcherMP @GarethDavies_MP today for our great local candidate @cllrnadeemahmed #Wakefieldbyelection

Fantastic to be out with @Jacob_Rees_Mogg, Minister for Brexit Opportunities, Foreign Secretary @trussliz, and Former Brexit Secretary @DavidDavisMP to support Nadeem Ahmed, our local candidate in the #WakefieldByElection.

Great to be campaigning today alongside @andreajenkyns supporting our @Conservatives candidate @cllrnadeemahmed to get on with the job and deliver for the people of Wakefield.

Yesterday, I was joined by Minister for Employment, @mimsdavies, at the Jobcentre in Morley, to discuss further opportunities for our area.

Under this Conservative Government, individuals in fulltime employment are actually Β£6000 better-off compared to those on Universal Credit

@WakeExpress I thought you are meant to be impartial. Why have you not printed my last two scheduled columns? Yet you feature Labour in your newspaper? This is disappointing I expected better from you.

Having been contacted by many concerned residents, I have again asked the Secretary of State for Levelling-Up, Housing & Communities to call in the Haigh Woods development for review!

I continue to stand against developments that will have a detrimental impact on our communities

Heritage is at the ❀️of Morley, which is why I launched my petition to #SaveMorleysHeritageLighting.

Today, Leeds City Council began to remove our heritage lighting, replacing it with lighting that fails to respect the unique history and heritage feel of our Town.

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