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Adam Afriyie is MP for Windsor and a member of the Conservative party.

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Windsor’s longstanding association with our armed forces is something that I am immensely proud of. I thank the men & women stationed in our area @WelshGuards @HCav1660 @RoyalYeomanry @ColdstreamGds for their service to our nation! 💂‍♂️🇬🇧

Armed Forces Day 🇬🇧 @ArmedForcesDay

The #ArmedForcesDay flag is flying across the country. 🤩 We can’t wait to celebrate with you this week. 🇬🇧

Wow, what a wonderful production by the children of @TrevelyanMiddle School. A real & emotional exploration of #CountyLines gang pressures from a young perspective. Big thumbs up from me👍

It was great to meet the @SwishFibre team on the ground in Ascot last week. It’s an enormous amount of hard work outdoors & I’m grateful to the whole team who are bringing our Government’s promise of super fast broadband to residents' homes @DCMS

As Chair of the APPG for #FreedomOfSpeech, I am glad that the Government is recognising the importance of it in this legislation & will do what I can to help shape these vital safeguards

I completely understand their decision and hope other sports bodies will look to the evidence & follow suit

#Crypto is an emerging sector asset class that can benefit a wide range of people across our society. BUT the old adage that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose, applies equally to it

It is important to follow the @FrimleyHealth advice in this article & seek appropriate care.
I have previously written to the Health Sec to urge that GPs continue to offer in-person appointments

It was fantastic to see the care and hard work given to helping 🦢first-hand, as @Swan_Lifeline re-opened following an outbreak of avian flu. Please do give them your support.

We really should not be seeing feminists and people protecting women’s rights intimidated by masked thugs dressed in black (seemingly mostly men!)
#FreedomOfSpeech is important & I want to see people turning to debate, not bullying & threats. @GBNEWS

We do not have blasphemy laws in this country (rightly so!) & Police/ Govt. must do more to uphold #FreedomOfSpeech & protect businesses/ individuals from this kind of mob intimidation

Today is the 40th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War. I salute those brave members of our armed forces who liberated the islands & importantly we remember those who did not come back.
I am proud that we continue to stand firmly with the Falklands 🇬🇧🇫🇰 #Falklands40

It was great to attend a Parliamentary drop-in last night hosted by @HiddenStrength_
A top initiative coming from our constituency to help young people with their #MentalHealth and always a pleasure to welcome @TWBS and Windsor Girls' School!

Deeply concerning that hostile foreign actors have been influencing our universities & @nadhimzahawi / @michelledonelan are right to be focussing on this & protecting #FreedomOfSpeech

This mirrors what I have heard in my meetings with various companies as Chair of @APPGFinTech. Regulation in this case would benefit consumers & provide a framework for the UK to be a world leader.

Had a wonderful meeting earlier this week with @giacopposilvia the President of @Parlatino_org in my capacity as Chairman of @POST_UK. We discussed evidence-based policymaking & the promotion of science👩‍🔬 across the Latin American/ Caribbean region🎇

Thank goodness we're moving on. This will help our NHS to see & treat more patients more quickly. 🏥 🧑‍⚕️

A strong yes from me! With petrol prices so high, #ElectricVehicles 🚘⚡️ are becoming a better & better option for our pockets 💷 & environment 🌍

Sad that the greedy unions have chosen to cause misery & disruption for so many (including kids doing exams!) 🤦‍♂️

Just attended the launch of Dr Javed Khan’s review on smoking. Some interesting suggestions on how to reduce levels of smoking across the population including encouraging smokers to switch to far far less harmful vaping, which as chair of @AppgVaping I was very glad to see!

Disagreeing with something – even vehemently – is not grounds for censorship, and the Secretary of State has my complete support with his words here. #FreedomOfSpeech💬@nadhimzahawi

This was a wonderful Jubilee event put on by @SW_Help 🚉last week. It was a privilege to meet with groups such as @swan_support🦢as well as people from @RBWM🏛️and @Optalis👩‍👧‍👦all doing great work for our area!

Some lovely pictures here. I’ve attended some amazing events & send huge thanks to the hundreds of local residents who put in so much work to make this #PlatinumJubilee weekend so special. A great tribute to Her Majesty! 👑

Delighted to put my name to a letter to the Treasury on the regulation of cryptoassets. In my role as chair of @APPGFinTech I have met with many in this space. This is an exciting technology which will become hugely important and we must ensure the UK is part of that. @InnFin

All the miserable nay-sayers criticising the Jubilee celebrations should remember that it will be a fantastic boost to our local economy! 🎉

Great to see! Thank you @RBWM for engaging wholeheartedly. I've enjoyed several events already & look forward to next weekend to celebrate The Queen's unerring service to our nation.

Was a privilege yesterday to address (by video) a conference on Tobacco Harm Reduction held in Tbilisi. Some fascinating discussions on how alternatives to cigarettes can save lives today as we move towards a smoke-free Britain. #HarmReduction @AppgVaping

The latest in a line of national brands coming to Windsor. Businesses deciding to make the decision to open on our High Street is always good news & I thank @RBWM for helping to make our area an attractive destination with low tax! 🛍️

Pleased to support changes to payments made for cleaner energy generation on a delegated legislation committee today. They will help bring new technologies, drive up investment & bring down energy prices to our homes in the longer term.

Our close association with the monarchy is a source of immense pride to me, as well as to many of the residents who will often get involved in events or spot a member of Royal Family out and about. 🇬🇧

Many constituents have been in touch about delays at the Passport Office, & I know just how much anxiety this is causing, particularly for those with travel plans. The situation is unacceptable. I have written to the Home Secretary & will also submit a Parliamentary Question.

Fascinating meeting with the visionary Matthew Cheung from @WorkinFintech
It was great to hear about the work he is doing to help disadvantaged youngsters get into this exciting sector! 🕺🏙️
@APPGFinTech #FinTech

Absolutely agree with this. The very concept of recording ‘non-crime hate incidents’ is dystopian and the Police should be focussing on things like solving burglaries and keeping our streets safe.

Second hand is a great option for those wishing to buy an #ElectricVehicle, & I am encouraged by the strength of this market #Tesla #EV #electricvehicles @EVAEOfficial @SMMT

As Chair of the @APPGFinTech @InnFin, the #BNPL sector is one we are taking a keen look at. Whilst innovation is very welcome, it is important that vulnerable people are not trapped in vicious cycles of debt. #FinTech

Was lovely to see Parliament Square adorned with Union flags earlier this week due to the Queen’s Speech. 🇬🇧 Some interesting policies announced & a good roadmap for the year ahead!

Great work from @RBWM as many constituents have contacted me with concerns over rising costs. Our very low council tax certainly helps but this kind of support from the council is invaluable.

Opposing censorship is just as important today as it was in the 17th century. #FreedomOfSpeech 💬

A very fitting legacy for a great man – still making a difference to local people’s lives. From all my interactions with HRH over many year, I know how passionate he was about our area @RBWM #Windsor

This is great to see in @RBWM! The passion for #recycling & making our area greener/ cleaner is clear from correspondence I receive, as well as support for low council tax! 🌳🌍🌼

Again the kindness of people in our area is humbling & these vital supplies will literally be saving lives
@circlehealthgrp @BritishRedCross
#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 🏥❤️‍🩹

Huge congratulations to Puja Bedi & the team. Was great supporting her on the doorsteps of Colnbrook with Poyle in my Windsor constituency. People chose Conservatives over Labour, & it’s clear that Slough deserves a better run council. @PujaBK @SloughTory

Whilst I am a strong advocate for #Vaping as a means of harm reduction for adult smokers, it is clear that swift & decisive action should be taken against those pushing it on children. @AppgVaping

Whilst it is great to see demand is so high for #ElectricVehicles there are supply issues that must be resolved & we must ensure key resources aren’t snapped up by potentially hostile states. @FT @SMMT @EVAEOfficial 🚘🔌⚡️

Excellent work by @stgwindsor to raise money for @decappeal! We are lucky to have such musical talent & generosity in our local area. #StandWithUkraine #Charity #Windsor @ChtyCommission

I respect & admire Russian people, but loathe their current government, which has led them into an unprovoked & brutal invasion of sovereign Ukraine.

I find @ElonMusk‘s statements on #FreeSpeech very interesting. It is vital that #Twitter and other social media networks uphold it, & I look forward to seeing more transparency.

As Chair of the APPG #FinTech 💷💻I could not agree more. Developments in this field will benefit everyone. @InnFin 👇

Censoring information & views only serves to vindicate conspiracy theorists. The best way to combat dangerous misinformation is to encourage free & open debate. 💬
#FreeSpeech #Science

It's fantastic news that @Swan_Lifeline in Eton has re-opened after they were affected by avian flu. It's the oldest swan rescue charity in the Thames Valley & has rescued more than 30k swans/cygnets since 1986. Give them a call if you see a swan in distress 01753 859397

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